NEW Bracelet Collection


Handmade Gemstone Jewelry that inspires feelings of peace, love and beauty both inside and out.  

My intention is to create something beautiful, but my dream is that these crystals awaken something beautiful in you.

Every piece has been intentionally hand-picked just for you

Experience the power of healing.

Every piece comes with Reiki Energy Healing


Amparo Rojas is a Certified Reiki Healer, a Speaker, a Workshop Presenter and a Self-Love Coach.

On a mission to embody emotional balance, inner beauty, internal healing, and consequently inspire that in others.

Amparo’s mission is to share her passion as she guides people through their own exploration towards a journey of self-love & inner-peace and trough Worn Intentions she designs and creates handmade jewelry, that inspire feelings of love, peace and beauty, both inside and out.